If you need to reschedule a lesson, you are welcome to do so. Please check my Google Calendar here. Lessons are reschedule at a mutually convenient time. As much advance notice as possible is greatly appreciated. I will not reschedule lessons without a minimum of weekday lessons by 12pm by text or email the day of, or Sunday lessons by 8am the day of, notice. I am aware emergencies arise. If your child is sick the morning of a lesson, please contact me for a makeup lesson right after you call the school. 

The following are not emergencies and will not be made up:

1) I forgot my instrument/reeds/music/etc. at home/school/grandma's house. In these cases, I recommend you attend your lesson anyway. I can create a one-time lesson plan for that day.

2) I forgot I have a concert/party/game/practice/etc today. These lessons will not be made up if 24-hour notice is not provided. I am happy to try to reschedule lessons for such conflicts if you contact me at least the day before.

Please note that no tuition credit is given for missed lessons. I prefer to try and make them up within the week if possible, but they may be made up at any time within the upcoming two months. if you give me significant advanced notice, I can also "pre-pone" a lesson and make up the lesson before your regularly scheduled lesson time.

You may reschedule up to four lessons per school year, but if you are constantly needing to reschedule, I will work with you to find a more convenient time for you to have your permanent time.

Please follow these steps for rescheduling lessons:

  1. Check my Google Calendar here
  2. Find an available time that works for you
  3. Text or email me, letting me know which lesson you need to reschedule, and when you'd like to reschedule it to
  4. Look for my return text/email confirming the rescheduled lesson
  5. Come to your lesson at the new time


Please be mindful that if at all possible, I prefer keeping lessons close together.

If you find that you have a regular conflict - a seasonal sports schedule or a work schedule change, contact me to find a new regular time for your lessons.