Angela Salvaggione

Solo Contest Accompanying

If you are interested in having me play for you at solo contest, here is some information you will need:

1 - If you are with Troy MS / WBO contest on February 10, 2018, I am available to play for this contest. Please :

  • Select a rehearsal time through my Rescheduling tab, above. Contact me by email or text to request a rehearsal time. Only I can edit the calendar.
  • I will make arrangements with you to get piano music to me.
  • Rehearsals are held at my house.
  • Accompanist fee and payment instructions will be provided upon contact. Included in my fee are one 30-minute rehearsal and the contest performance. Payment is due at the rehearsal.

2 - If you are with Brooks MS contest on February 17, 2018, I am available to play for this contest. I will make rehearsal arrangements in mid January. Accompanist fee is handled by the school per director instructions.

3 - If you are with another school, please contact me. I will be unavailable the two dates above. I am also unavailable 3/10/18. Due to various factors, I am unable to play for a contest unless I have at least 12 students to accompany at a contest. If I have 15 or fewer students to accompany, I must do all my accompanying in the morning sessions.

When contacting me via the Contact tab above, please make sure you let me know:
Your name
Your instrument
Your selection
Your school
Date and location of your solo contest.

If you contact me and I am not available to play for you, I am happy to help you find another accompanist if you need recommendations.